Ussr x third reich lemon

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Ussr x third reich lemon

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. For a friend. They've done terrible things and I am not about to say I worship them. I am not a communist, and I am not a Nazi supporter. This is literally just me spitting out random stuff to do with countries and states.

Spontaneous updates, so really when I have motivation. I will update the rating and tags as needed. Have fun reading I guess. Another story by me that is set after WWII. Third Reich's having a hard time with the debt he owes Britain, France and America. His best friends, Italy and Japan, discover Reich trying to indirectly kill himself.

They are horrified and try to find him a reason to stay alive. Eventually, Japan comes up with an 'ingenious' plan They offer to find him a partner, so, naturally, Italy takes him to a bar. The country he meets there though, not only turns out to NOT be a girl as expected, but also somehow manages to encourage him to be a better person. Question is, is it a delusion, or is it a fairytale?

Set after Third Reich invaded the USSR and broke the peace treaty, Soviet now wants to get his own back, but gets a little bit more than he bargained for Literally just smut for Countryhumans. You can do request too. I will edit the tags with every new ship. The city of Tristis ran on a simple principle: more money, more power, more popularity. The Prussian Family holds the most power of any family, and the heir to their wealth goes by many names.

Drittes Reich, Nationalsozialistische, and his most popular name, Nazi. The moment he saw the man, nothing could ever go back to the way it had been before. It's been about thirty years since the breakaway of the USSR, and yet, still, Russia can't seem to find the courage in himself to move on. He is stuck in the past, and the first person to come to his rescue is none other than America. Can the two countries change their current relationship despite Russia's mindset?

Or will they forever be cold towards one another? Top of Work Index.

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Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Hello, this is my first work, I'm a country humans sinner and I wanna see Italy suffer, cause why not.

The plot is Italy loves Spain but he gets rejected the hard way and the others worry like crazy. I don't really know how to finish, but I'll try update every two days or at least until I lose my inspiration.

ussr x third reich lemon

Hhh h h h You've probably read my stories on Quotev before if you've ever been in the CH fandom long enough So Yeah This is more of that. Welcome to It got a little out of hand. Now I'm taking it semi-seriously. It still holds that goofy, snarky tone, though! Please, make sure to read the Need To Know part at the beginning. It's really important that you do, because it holds a lot of important information, including how certain characters will be treated, trigger warnings, and information on the book itself.

Blood, Weapons, ect. Description, courtesy of Rain Flight: "It's been a long time coming, and the whole gang is going off to college! But with backstabbing, lies, and secrets behind closed doors, not all of them might make it through the long years they're here.

Read as Finland and Estonia finally discover what they've been missing all this time, Russia and America make it through these rough years, and Colombia introduces the gang to pot. The countries have twitter and everything is chaos. Oneshot - Countryhumans — [Dr. There was nothing good about what was happening. They threw her out without warning.

She came home from school and saw all her belongings shoved in boxes outside in the driveway. Her parents were not home. Nowhere to be found in fact.

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A small note laid on the boxes. She spent a fair amount of nights in her car before she could find a decent place to live, but unfortunately most apartments don't allow 15 year olds to purchase a room.

ussr x third reich lemon

After a good while of searching, she found one. At first she was rejected the apartment in fear it would damage buildings reputation, but they heard her story and pitied her.

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They gave her their cheapest room. It was surprisingly luxurious, but may residents in the past claimed it to be haunted and no one stayed for more than a few weeks.

Malaysia woke up to find himself in a small room with bare concrete walls. And sitting in the chair, watching each and every movement he made, was the Japanese Empire. Note: For those who don't know, Malaysia was colonized by Japan soon after being promised to be given freedom from the British Empire. This is just a short sad idea i had for my character.

Loosely based off of a roleplay chat between me and my friend over on Countryhumans Amino. CrowHaven dies, and his adoptive son Sovi is there. This is my first time writing I don't know what to put here, but here's a story about RusAme.

ussr x third reich lemon

If you don't like the ship thats okay, there are a bunch of other ships I go into detail on them.Unfinished Article! This article is unfinished, which means important data could be missing from it! Help come up with ideas or expand it by editing!


Third Reich does not represent modern Germany much like the fandom think, on the contrary Germany deeply regret what happened and made his best to move forward. Third Reich is regrettably known for causing the Shoah, the genocide of 6 million Jews and killing many other minorities even more counting all the soldiers they killedpromoting their "superior race" and never keeping their promises.

Many other horrors could be added to this list. Third Reich is usually in a black SS Schutzstaffel uniform, with a standard flag armband on the right upper arm. Third is usually represented as a man, but depictions of a female Third are not uncommon. In reality, he is a very hateful, very manipulative person.

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He is a great liar and uses people's own self-doubts to make them dependent on him. Third is also very untrusting towards others, even his own allies. He is a sociopath and psychopath and not in a good way.

third reich x ussr

His father was born out of wedlock, Alois Schicklgruber, but gradually changed his name to that as his stepfather, becoming Alois Hitler. Alois was an Austrian customs officer of mid-level so he was not rich, but he had a lot of wives. He married a wealthy older lady named Anna Glasl but subsequently started to have affairs, including one with a much younger house servant called Franziska Matzelsberger. He left his sick wife a few years later to be with his lover, but since the Catholic Church at the time did not allow divorce he could not marry her.

So he waited for his old wife to die and had a child in the meantime named Alois Jr. Then his wife died, so he married his mistress and had another child named Angela, but then his new wife got sick, so he had to take care of her with his much, much younger cousin Clara. Clara and Alois had three children together, all of whom died tragically in infancy, and Clara spoiled him rotten when the fourth child, Adolph, came along. The Hitler's had two more children named Edmund and Paula, and the family moved around a couple of times, meaning that Adolph had to attend five separate elementary schools.

Adolph's father was serious, quick to get angry and took most of it out on the eldest son until he had enough and ran away at the age of fourteen, leaving Adolph, a seven-year-old, to do most of the chores and get his father berated. The consequence was a difficult relationship with his dad as he was extremely attached to his mother who was constantly concerned about him and his health.The Sun was high in the sky, shining down upon the world below with a bright yellow smile, giving the beings of creation their needed nourishment of life giving light.

A man with a white beard sat underneath a shady tree, sketching in a small notebook humming a song as the birds chirped; every few second he would lift his eyes from the leather backed book and look up at a mountain. The man's attire consisted of dark shoes, not polished but not too worn either.

He had on a jacket that was a dark black, made of soft silk, very smooth to the touch. His pants matched his jacket in darkness and in feeling. With a deep breathe he closed the notebook and laid his hands against the bench, "Beautiful isn't? A smile came over his features as he chuckled, "Don't be shy, if you don't want to talk then that is fine. I hope however you don't mind if an old man talks for a bit, no?

Receiving no answer made the man chuckle again, "Truly the silent type eh? No matter, though it still makes me wonder as to why you here, people don't come by here unless they want or need something… hmmm, you don't know why you are here do you? Cracking his back and muttering a few inaudible grumbles the man stood from the bench stretching his arms out, "Well if you are here to enjoy the beauty of nature then I welcome you.

You may call me Marty, that's what everyone calls me. He begins to walk down a natural pathway, goats can be seen on a distant hill grazing, but with no Shepard or dog to watch over them.

third reich x ussr

Marty turns around with another friendly smile and speaks softly, "If you are going to be here a while would you like to hear a story? Perhaps a story about four great heroes who were lost in their own way such as yourself, except these four defeated a great evil while finding their own paths. Perhaps their tale may jog your memory? Along the pathway he begins to hum a small song, he waves his hand in a circular motion as if asking someone that was following him to hurry up, "Come along, if you're going to hear this story than you will need to be comfortable.

Past a couple of blueberry bushes, where Marty took a couple berries in hand absently mindedly popping them in his mouth, a small cottage stood; nothing in particular was noteworthy of this small home, it had white wood for its skin, and a chimney that bore no smoke into the sky. Inside of the house several beams could be seen holding up the second floor, colonial style furniture sat fashionably with pictures of numerous unrecognizable people, all seemed happy and well, "Ah, those were some friends I have encountered, very good friends.

Take a seat, I'll make some coffee. The house had two levels if the stair case was any indication; there were several doorways, one of which was a kitchen Marty disappeared behind, his humming could still be heard. All seemed to be of happy times, times of merry and mirth. Marty reentered the room with two steaming mugs, setting one down on a coffee table near a leather couch, his eyes scanned the pictures with a grin and happy gleam in his eyes, "Ah yes, those were some parties, Elohim knows I had to wipe off so much lipstick, hehehehe.

Instead of drinking his mug he took a long sniff, "Refreshing. Smells so good, but tastes better. To some at least. Heh, that story is anything but peaceful. The kitchen's interior was eggshell, blue tiles being the primary contrasting color in the room. Fruits of variety sat in a bowl next to the sink, a box containing jelly donuts sat in the middle of a glass circular table, "A donut and coffee are always a good combination.

Just don't tell my wife I ate any. The old man say down taking a bite of the donut, savoring the sweet tasting jelly and powdered sugar, "I will warn you, this story is… dark, at best, it is about the darkest time in Human history, a time where Humanity's very soul was nearly lost. For once the smile from his face faded, and a cold feel came to his eyes, "It starts with the second world war, a time of bloodshed and pain.

An evil man, no, monster by the name of Adolf Hitler came to power in a country known as Germany. The nation suffered greatly after their defeat in the First World War… shattered pride, economic depression had driven the German people right into Hitler's hands, where he molded them in a new horrifying image. Believing themselves to be a master race, an Aryan race, they sought to exterminate any and every "inferior" race or what they saw as inferior. Unfortunately their main target was a people that have always been targeted by hateful men, the people that have always been blamed for things they either as individuals or a whole had no part in.

The Jewish people.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. They've done terrible things and I am not about to say I worship them. I am not a communist, and I am not a Nazi supporter. For a friend. Reich slid his hands forward, ducking his head, leaning his upper half down while his lower was up in the air.

He bent his head down to look directly into the panicked eyes of the German, smirking at him. His toy resisted the urge to hiss, to claw at him, to try and escape the collar. He ducked his head low, forcing down all those things. Tried to split me apart like poor Poland? Reich forced his gaze to the floor. Reich clutched his neck, breathing heavily as he stood on wobbly legs.

He yanked on his leash, tying it to the bed post. Reich winced, climbing onto the bed. He knelt down and raised his lower half into the air, his body sort of shaking. The Soviet unbuckled Reich's belt, sliding his leather pants down along with his under garments. He stalked over to his back side with a grin. Reich, with a cut off air supply, only wheezed in response. He clawed at the collar, writhing a little. The USSR only let go of the leash until his face turned a sickly pale.

I'm giving you a choice here. I don't usually do that. It's called mercy. The Nazi obliged, ducking his head when he let it go. He let his legs fall apart, his entrance and dick exposed. Small, compared to the Russian's. Reich was shaking a little, tears brimming in his vision. He was unable to make a sound, his throat now bruised. USSR smirked at the sight, licking his lips. His backside was raked with the scars and bruises of previous sessions.

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Third's tears dripped silently on the pillows. It was just like all the other times. No lube, no preparation.Unfinished Article! This article is unfinished, which means important data could be missing from it! Help come up with ideas or expand it by editing! He is among the popular characters of the fandom because of the headcanon and story the fandom had created for him.

Ussr x Third Reich

Note: the male version is the most popular version that fandom defines, given that the USSR is conclusively described as male. His face looks like a flag of the USSR. He wears an ushanka with a red star on top, where the star is the surrounding area is light brown, the rest of the ushanka except the Soviet star being red and the fluff on the bottom of the ear tufts being the same light brown.

ussr x third reich lemon

Sometimes, instead of the ushanka, she's described with a military hat intended for female soldiers or officers, some of whom describe her with an eyepatch with the hammer and sickle covering her left eye just like her male version, while some wouldn't. When it comes to the second version, she wears a light brown shirt with long and puffed sleeves, a black belt placed on her waist and a mini skirt in the same color, as she puts a crown of pink flowers with a red ribbon on her head, it used among the fandom is few compared to the first; because it shows USSR with a cute and harmless appearance contrary to her brutal and sinister personality, which is something many fans don't like or feel comfortable to see.

He's generally described as a very violent, evil, cruel, cold and distant person. He only accepts all countries as long as they respect his authority and ideology. At first, he may seem courteous and kind but, in reality, he is a sociopath and psychopath and not in a good way.

He loves to boast of having a greater number of victims and conquered lands than those of the Third Reich. Besides, there are some describe him as a rude and annoying person in often-times, as they describe him as a vodka addict sometimes as a Pepsi addict, for historical reasons and sometimes as a smoker. At the head of the Communist Party is the Central Committee, which is elected by the party congress and other conferences, the Central Committee, in turn, elects the political bureau of the party, which is headed by a Secretary-General, de facto, the General Secretariat is the highest political position in the Soviet Union.

The party maintained full domination of political life in the Soviet Union through its control of appointments in addition to the important government positions, the leadership and the membership of the Supreme Soviet Council which was held by senior party members from Stalin and Khrushchev who held the post of head of state.

The relations between Algeria and the Soviet Union were very strong, as mutual cooperation prevailed between them, the most prominent events in these relations:. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article includes controversial themes within it!

If this kind of thing offends you, it is reccommended you click off this page. When editing, be careful and wary of this.Third Reich, the most feared leader of the world. Such country with a huge artistic potential, turned into such sadistic leader. It pains you, since he was your great friend when you guys were young. Both of you would paint drawings throughout childhood. But then, he eerily disappeared from anyone. No sight of him at all.

And suddenly he appears to the world. But instead of being a popular artist Third Reich always dreamed of, he instead turned into a leader, a childish and a sadistic one.

Such a simple question. He wants you and only you. You rescued him. You finished packing all the stuff both of you need. The Nazis might go and ambush us.

USSR x Third Reich - эй принцесса, меньше стресса { Countryhumans клип }

While you finally found a house with sufficient supplies, Poland is sleeping soundly on the couch. The house could make you guys last out for approximately 2 weeks.

You did thankfully remember that you told Poland to never go outside. But it seems like the odds are quite high. You went in the kitchen to pack up the food, then the bathroom to pack the hygiene kit, and the bedroom to pack the clothing and the other necessities. You quickly brought all the stuff and placed it on the floor near the backdoor and you told Poland to go hide in the woods together with the supplies.

Before Poland would go run off, he gave you out the last goodbye and thank you before running off towards the woods.


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