Does it matter which port i use on a switch

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Does it matter which port i use on a switch

A Matterport space is a complete, three-dimensional representation of a real-world location created from 2D RGB imagery and 3D data from a Matterport camera or one of our supported third-party cameras.

The Matterport platform is built around several products and services designed to allow users to scan and virtually map real-life environments, edit those scans with Matterport Cloud tools via our Workshop toolboxthen share them with others in the form of 3D Spaces. Key features include:. You can still experience Matterport Spaces on web or mobile without a camera or cloud plan:.

Depending on your needs, you can use a 3D Space to generate 2D print and digital photography, video, and more. Construction and engineering customers can also export colored, registered point clouds and reflected ceiling plans through the Matterpak.

We are always working on new innovations and advancements to help our customers get greater value from our platform and their Matterport Pro2 3D Camera. These can be innovations in hardware the technology of capturing a location or software processing the raw data into a useful, realistic 3D Space. With a SaaS solution, Matterport can make new features and bug fixes available to everyone without having customers go through an upgrade process.

New features and functionality are frequently backwards-compatible with Matterport Spaces that you have already created. We do not set pricing for our Service Partner Network. Members typically charge based on square footage and local market rates for visual media. The Matterport Pro2 3D Camera has a warranty for one year under normal use. You do not need to be a professional photographer or technician to use it — the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera is designed to be easy to use.

Unlike typical photography, no special lighting is required with the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera. We use high dynamic range HDR to balance light levels so the Space looks balanced and consistent. Our completely automated vision processing pipeline also performs white balancing, color correction, and automatic panorama stitching so no post-processing is required.

Creating 3D Scans while outside such as creating a path to a guest house is not supported. However, some Matterport users have had success scanning gardens and patios when there is no direct sunlight such as at dawn or dusk.

Learn more.

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Most properties can be captured in scans or less - this equates to GB of data. That being said, 8 GB of storage is the minimum recommended requirement. We strongly suggest using GB iOS devices. On average, it takes about 38 minutes to scan a typical 2, square feet meters single-family home with a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera.

Scan time can vary based on 1 The complexity of the property and 2 The intended use of the 3D space. Both of these factors influence how many scans you should take, which will determine how long you spend scanning on-site.

Learn more about how long it takes to scan.Network switch and router are two basic devices utilized in computer networks. However, many people have no idea how to use them and set up a switch with a router.

A network switch, normally referred to as a multiport network bridge, is a computer networking device that connects other devices together on a computer network. It manages the flow of data across a network by transmitting a received network packet only to the one or more devices for which the packet is intended.

Then, how does a network switch work? Normally, a network switch uses hardware addresses to process and forward data at the data link layer layer 2 of the OSI model. While, sometimes, it can also process data at the network layer layer 3 by additionally incorporating routing functionality. It allows different nodes typically computers to communicate with each other in a smooth and efficient manner.

Nowadays, Ethernet switch is the most common form of network switch. In addition to one of its most normal type gigabit Ethernet switch which used at earlier time with a lower speed up to 1 Gbps, another type, 10GbE switch is also very popular with a higher speed up to 10 Gbps.

Actually, 25G, 40G or even G switch have aroused more attention with much higher speed. A router is a networking device that routes data packets between computer networks.

It is used to connect networking devices to the internet so that multiple users can share a connection. Normally, a router works as a dispatcher. It directs data traffic from the modem and route it to various devices. Routers uses protocols such as ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol to communicate with each other and configures the best route between any two hosts.

Most routers have four Ethernet ports which allow you to plug in up to four devices. If you need more than four Ethernet connections then you need to upgrade to a router with a larger port bank usually up to eight ports or to use a network switch instead.

From the introduction above, it is clear that network switch and router are both computer networking devices that allow one or more computers to be connected to other computers, networked devices, or to other networks. While switches allow different devices on one network to communicate, routers allow different networks to communicate.

Actually, a switch creates networks while a router connects networks. In addition, a router uses IP address for data transmission, while a network switch uses the MAC address.

does it matter which port i use on a switch

However, when the number of devices is over 4, a network switch is necessary. There are various switches of different port counts such as 8-port, port, port switch available in the market. Step 1: Unplug all the power supplies of cable modem, network switch and wireless router.

Step 2: Connect your modem to the telephone wire. After that, connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the back of the modem. Step 4: Use another Ethernet cable to connect one of your LAN ports in router to a network switch port. After the setup, your network is expended and you can connect more than 4 devices using the internet. With all the information mentioned above, it is obvious to tell the difference of network switch vs router, after which you can have a good command of how to connect a network switch with a router better.

Toggle navigation Fiber Optic Network Products.It seamlessly controls your camera and manages the 3D reconstruction process with industry-leading speed and accuracy.

Our platform synthesizes captured spatial data and visual imagery to render a dimensionally accurate 3D digital twin of your physical space. Our simple yet powerful Capture app connects wirelessly to any Matterport compatible camera and makes it quick and easy to capture a space with just the push of a button.

You can create a digital twin of any real world space in dimensionally accurate 3D and access it from anywhere- then customize it, share it or publish it online to reveal its full potential. Paired with the Matterport Pro2 camera, you get professional image quality, superior dimensional accuracy, and many powerful features. Capture app highlights:. Our Cortex AI platform is a powerful deep learning neural network that creates your 3D digital twin and automates many of the tasks associated with customization.

Cortex handles the most complex tasks from 3D reconstruction, image processing and color correction, to labeling rooms and the objects in each room. Additional features include:. Once your 3D digital twin is created, customize the 3D walkthrough, add to, modify, and annotate your space.

Share your digital twin and related assets with anyone on any device. Matterport SDK extends the capabilities of our platform. Take advantage of our SDK to integrate third-party services, customize functionality, and create new experiences for your customers.

Sign up for a free Matterport account with 1 active space, 1 user, and access to a suite of tools. Save on time and upfront costs by hiring one of our scan service providers to do your 3D scan for you. Not sure where to start? Contact our sales team and we'll help you find the best solution for your needs. Contact Us. Sign In. Simultaneously capture HDR panoramic imagery and depth data using a compatible camera. Share your digital twin quickly and easily with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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Tap into our SDK to integrate Matterport into your own websites and applications. Get a camera Get the app. Process Our Cortex AI platform is a powerful deep learning neural network that creates your 3D digital twin and automates many of the tasks associated with customization. Cortex AI. Customize Once your 3D digital twin is created, customize the 3D walkthrough, add to, modify, and annotate your space. Get Started Free.

Publish Share your digital twin and related assets with anyone on any device. Extend Matterport SDK extends the capabilities of our platform. Use Our SDK. Get Started Free Sign up for a free Matterport account with 1 active space, 1 user, and access to a suite of tools. Hire a Pro Save on time and upfront costs by hiring one of our scan service providers to do your 3D scan for you.

Contact Sales Not sure where to start?Ethernet splitters, hubs, and network switches can all be used to expand and improve a network. Each of these devices has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Ethernet splitters have their uses. But I think network switches are better for most situations. Keep reading below to find out why this is probably what you want.

The cables in most home networks contain four twisted pairs of wire. Cat 5e is a common example of this. So basically half of a Cat 5e cable. Just four out of the eight available wires.

Why yes! Yes we can!

does it matter which port i use on a switch

In the diagram below, the red wires represent data connection A and the blue wires represent data connection B. Grey represents unused wires. In other words, think of the red and grey lines on the top as one ethernet cable and the blue and grey lines on the bottom as another ethernet cable. Two cables with a total of 16 wires go in, one cable with eight wires comes out.

Connect to the second splitter to revert back to two cables before reaching a switch, or a router, or a computer or what have you. That said, considering how cheap ethernet switches are these days, that might actually be the best way to go.

does it matter which port i use on a switch

It really depends. You get more ports, maybe more speed maybeand these days this is pretty cheap. Maybe the same or cheaper than going the splitter route, depending on which one you get. Check back soon for specific recommendations on both cost effective and performance options. Ethernet cables and splitters are pretty inexpensive, easy to use, don't have any software to setup, and don't require a power outlet. These are fairly cheap.

See also: Complete list of AppleScript key codes. The splitter comes with several drawbacks. Also, you'll need to have two ethernet ports available. All split connections with an ethernet splitter must be un-split on the other end. I think that would be much more descriptive of what these things actually do. These really aren't all that common anymore.

Hubs make more ethernet ports by basically repeating network traffic.

Does it matter which ports I use to plug in two computers into my four port router?

Actually, a hub kind of works like a splitter sounds like it should work.Answer: Computers can be connected to each other via a switch or a router.

So what is the difference between the two? The most basic explanation is that a switch is designed to connect computers within a networkwhile a router is designed to connect multiple networks together.

In a home network, a single router is usually all that is required for connecting devices to the Internet. All devices within a home, such as computers, tabletsand smartphones can connect to the router via a wired or wireless connection.

As the name implies, the router routes all connected devices to a cable or DSL modem. Switches are most often used in large networks, such as those found in business and school environments.

They connect many computers together within a single local area network, or LAN. A large network may include multiple switches, which connect different groups of computer systems together. These switches are typically connected to a router that allows connected devices to access the Internet. Even though routers and switches are different, they can be used interchangeably.

The LAN ports are designed for connecting computers via Ethernet. The WAN port is designed to connect to the modem. However, you may have to use a crossover Ethernet cable in order for the connection to work properly.

Though it may be possible to use a switch as a router, switches typically do not have the same configuration options as routers do. Switches used to be faster than routers, but modern routers are capable of the same performance. Therefore, when choosing a central device for your home network, a router makes the most sense.

How can I tell if my modem has a built-in wireless router? How close should I put two computer towers next to each other? What is the difference between a switch and a router? All Hardware Questions.I have to connect certain switch modules to another core switch, then to fiewalls.

does it matter which port i use on a switch

I want to use 10gb fiber. I can easily find an SFP for a certain switch but how do I know if it is compatible with the switch it is connecting to? Typically, I use the SFP modules from the switch manufacturer.

This is more expensive than 3rd party but they are guaranteed to work and you will have tech support and a warranty. The first thing switch manufacturers do when you call support and are having trouble is ask you the serial number of the SFP modules and they verify they are genuine. When I've had to connect two different manufacturers like Cisco and Brocade or a Netgear to a Cisco, then I've used Netgear modules in the Netgear switch and Cisco modules in the Cisco switch.

They are standard so it shouldn't matter as long as you have the same type of modules on either side. The type of modules you get depends on the type of fiber you have run. Multimode for shorter runs and Single mode for very long runs miles.

If the modules say SFP then they will only do 1G. For fiber patch cables, you want to match the type of fiber you have run between your closets. They should be color coded.

How to Set up a Network Switch With a Router?

If you are connecting a Cisco to a non-Cisco switch, you might have to tweak the settings a bit on either side, Cisco switches like to have:. What exactly is going to be on each end? The differences you will notice is the terminology different vendors use when describing the same types of features. The description should tell you what it is capable of - example:. You did not say if you were using copper or fiber between the switches?

In any case, the only capability that needs to be the same on both ends is the speed. If both switches have a 10Gb SFP port, then a fiber between them will work, as long as you meet distance and wavelength requirements which is another subject. Many switches now have 10Gb ethernet jacks that will run fine on good patch cables or CAT6.

These are often alternatively used for stacking, which may be what you are after Thank you. So if I connect a Cisco switch to another Cisco switch totally different models and types then I just need to be sure that both switches accept the same SFP and for connecting a Cisco switch to a no Cisco device, just make sure they both support the same SFP?

Causes less issues even though many claim to be cross-compatible. Main thing is to make sure you have the same "type" as far as wavelength, etc.

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To be clear. As long as they are both 10gb SFPs you should be fine. But it you get a SFP that is compatible with your switch you will have no issues. Whelton Network Solutions is an IT service provider. I buy all my SFPs from various third party vendors, as budgets are tight, and they are commodity items. They're cheap enough that you can always keep a few spares on the shelf. If you have support contracts, the best bet is to keep a set of vendor optics on-hand just in case you do have an issue, then you can swap those in and prevent them from blaming your issues on the third party optics.In computer networkingport numbers are part of the addressing information used to identify the senders and receivers of messages.

Port numbers allow different applications on the same computer to share network resources simultaneously. Home network routers and computer software work with these ports and sometimes support configuring port number settings. Networking ports are software-based and unrelated to physical ports that network devices have for plugging in cables. Port numbers relate to network addressing.

The difference between an ethernet splitter a hub and a switch

These port numbers work like telephone extensions. Just as a business telephone switchboard can use the main phone number and assign each employee an extension number, a computer can have a main address and a set of port numbers to handle incoming and outgoing connections.

In the same way that one phone number can be used for all the employees within that building, one IP address can be used to communicate with various applications behind one router.

The IP address identifies the destination computer and the port number identifies the specific destination application. This is true whether it's a mail application, file transfer program, or web browser. When you request a website from a web browser, the browser communicates over port 80 for HTTP.

Then, the data is sent back over the same port and displays in the program that supports that port the web browser. Port numbers are automatically processed by the network hardware and software.

Casual users of a network do not see these port numbers and don't need to take any action involving their operation. Individuals can, however, encounter network port numbers in certain situations. Network administrators may need to set up port forwarding to allow the port numbers of specific applications to pass through a firewall. On home networks, a broadband router supports port forwarding on its configuration screens.

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The most common application of home port forwarding is for online games that use non-standard ports that the router's built-in firewall blocks. Network programmers sometimes need to specify port numbers in their code, such as in socket programming. This is usually seen in software development environments more than in mainstream consumer usage. Network security enthusiasts also frequently discuss the port number used as a key aspect of attack vulnerabilities and protections.

Ports can be classified as either open or closed. Open ports have an associated application that listens for new connection requests and closed ports do not. A process called network port scanning detects test messages at each port number to identify which ports are open.

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Network professionals use port scanning as a tool to measure exposure to attackers and often lock down networks by closing non-essential ports. Hackers, in turn, use port scanners to probe networks for open ports that may be exploitable. Tweet Share Email. More from Lifewire.


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